Traveler Translations

French-to-English and Russian-to-English Translation




I am a Chicago-based translator who will help you convey your message clearly and accurately. When you work with me, you will benefit not only from my mastery of the source language, but also from my cultural knowledge and the writing skills I have honed as a literary scholar, journalist, and writing teacher. You can count on me to be attuned to nuance and register, and consequently to produce translations that speak to your intended audience. Moreover, my diverse knowledge base and determination to grasp the subject at hand mean that every translation I undertake is the product of careful research and uses domain-specific vocabulary.

One more thing: you may have guessed that I’m passionate about traveling. Even though working with languages is my first love, traveling is a close second. I got my first passport stamp when I went on a high school exchange trip to Grasse, France, and I can’t imagine a summer without an adventure abroad. Highlights include studying Spanish in Guatemala and Ecuador, and cycling through Iceland, Nicaragua/Costa Rica/Panama, Thailand, and Colombia. My experiences seeing the world—and when I’m not home, reading about it every day—give me an even broader knowledge base to apply to my work.

I respond promptly to messages, and I have never missed a deadline. Contact Traveler Translations today—I look forward to working with you.