Traveler Translations

French-to-English and Russian-to-English Translation

Fields of Expertise

  • Law
  • Business
  • Politics/international affairs
  • Literature
  • Sports and fitness
  • Education/pedagogy

Selected Projects

  • 45,000-word pleading for a trademark infringement lawsuit (French)
  • 10,000-word report on an NGO’s work in Burundi (French)
  • Training videos for gymnastics coaches (French)
  • Curriculum for an independent pre-K–12 school (French)
  • Books: The Nameless Traveler [Le voyageur sans nom] and The Other Side of the Lens [L’autre côté de la lentille], both by OLOrtiz (French)
  • Newspaper articles on Russian culture and current events (Russian and French)
  • Speeches and press releases about the 2014 Winter Olympics (Russian)